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American Oomph Girl Dual Entry Vibrating and Massaging Mastubator

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Anytime Anywhere” Realistic Sexual Experience, Pocket Pussy 7 inches, 900Grams,
Great Copies of Super Hot Celebrity Pussy’s / Vagina’s Served on a Platter,

Let Every Exotic Fantasy Become a Reality, Multi Speed and Multi Function Vibrator with a Rotating Beeded Penis Massager

Add extra sensation to your strokes with The American Oomph Girl vibrating mastubator. Featuring an ultra-powerful vibrator this vibrating pussy shakes and quivers on your cock from top to bottom. Molded from a mature women’s vagina, so that you fans could experience how it feels like to penetrate a mature aunty figure. Easy to clean and built to last, this product will give you many months of enjoyment.

*Discourage / Contain / STOP / Freeze; All Types of Social Evils Like- Prostitution, Rapes, Child Abuse/Molestation, Multiple Partners Etc.


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